About Dr. Steven Farmilant

Dr. Steven Farmilant is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in Chicago, IL. With over 25 years of experience, he is dedicated to providing effective, efficient psychological solutions in an engaging, cooperative climate. Services include individual, couples, and family counseling based on an Adlerian model, and psychological evaluation, including academic, employment, child custody, fitness, damages assessment, immigration and competency evaluations.

Counseling and Therapy

Dr. Farmilant utilizes a holistic, goal-oriented approach to understand individuals and their issues. He balances supporting and confronting his clients attitudes, behaviors and beliefs in a way that makes each session a powerful, positive experience. With an emphasis on insight oriented, experiential and cognitive-behavioral strategies, his clients work through issues in a confidential and comfortable environment.

Psychological and Forensic Evaluation

Dr. Farmilant specializes in psychological and forensic evaluation. His approach consists of developing a clear referral question and a battery of standardized tests to answer that question. His psychological reports are clear, readable and free from jargon. They are ultimately useful in helping his clients understand the nature of their difficulties and create solutions that utilize strengths to compensate for areas of weakness. His forensic reports are concise, understandable to the layman, and answering forensic questions by writing to the law from the scientific research.