Therapy and Counseling

Dr. Farmilant provides individual, family, and couples counseling from an Adlerian theoretical orientation. He believes human behavior is creative, purposeful, and generally motivated by a desire to have a secure place in society. People run into problems, he observes, when their methods of attaining such a place are inconsistent with the goal of cooperative community living. The process of therapy consists in part of identifying and modifying mistaken goals, beliefs, and self-defeating behaviors.

Dr. Farmilant practices Cognitive-Behavioral techniques to help clients modify their thinking, feeling, behavior, and ultimately how they experience the world. As the adage goes:

If you think what you've always thought, you will feel what you've always felt, do what you've always done, and get what you've always gotten.

Positive change in a person's life comes from interrupting existing cognitive-emotional-behavioral patterns and creating new ones! Although cognitive cycles can be interrupted at any of these points, the most lasting change comes from modifying the way a person thinks.

Cognitive therapy techniques, including Thought Stopping, Catch-Notice-Interrupt, creating Thought Records, Process Records, and Reframing are simple, elegant tools that can help an individual modify their thinking and achieve the results they seek.

His therapeutic style incorporates balancing encouragement and confrontation, gravity and levity, and addressing broad, existential and developmental challenges with real-time behavioral assignments that help his clients find a more satisfying manner of living.